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We are building tech women’s power from the bottom up...

Want to know how?


What we do…

Community building

Our community is a collaborative network of more than 8000 women&gender minorities, that gives them access to training and job opportunities in IT, and provides a safe space to share experiences, knowledge and concerns about gender, diversity and technology.

Tech reskilling and leadership

We offer innovative training programs and study groups in most demanded technologies for women&gender minorities, promoting their reskilling for career change, as well as their business skills and entrepreneurial mindset for the creation of new startups.

Ecosystem network for cultural change

Through our partnerships, we co-create Gender&Diversity initiatives in tech companies and other organizations, promoting more inclusive work environments and linking our community with IT job opportunities.

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We brought together 70 female IT students from 15 different universities, to live a unique weekend building COMMUNITY and learning about innovation and digital businesses, from a gender perspective.
This powerful experience is boosting the mindset of a new generation of women&minorities tech entrepreneurs that will start, upgrade and disrupt the future of digital business.

Let's take this experience everywhere!

Interested in working together?

Become a MeT Partner and join us to build together a diverse and inclusive technological ecosystem.

As a Partner you will access to: 

  • Recruiting in our +8k Community of Latam IT women&gender minorities. 
  • Visibility and strengthening of your employer brand among our Latam Community and followers.
  • Cultural Change initiatives to develop inclusion perspective in your teams.
  • Co-create programs and experiences to promote Latam women&gender minorities in technology.

Our impact

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Women&minorities part of our Community

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Women&minorities trained in technology

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Attendees and views on our gender and tech events

Our projects



Intensive and practical trainings for women&gender minorities on tools and basic principles of different technology areas and projects. Community learning experiences that provides real opportunities for re-skilling in technology



Study groups within MeT Community on different technology areas for women&gender minorities who want to acquire in depth and practical learnings about a certain technology. And also for those who already work on this technology and want to improve their performance through more complex challenges.



We carry out research to deepen our understanding of the gender divide in the tech industry as a foundation for inclusion programs and public policies.



A cycle of virtual workshops aimed at inspiring women&gender minorities of all ages and professions to reinvent themselves by getting involved in the tech industry.

Ecosystem network for cultural change

Ecosystem network for cultural change

We work with tech companies co-creating Gender&Diversity programs in order to raise awareness and reflection about the gender gap in technology -it’s causes and consequences-, as well as develop policies to promote more inclusive work environments that helps women and gender diversities’ retention.

Coworking “Espacio Mujeres Tec“

Free coworking for tech women&minorities and pre-incubator for female founded startups.

At Espacio Mujeres Tec -a space in Córdoba, Argentina that we co-manage alongside the public sector-, we held gender&tech events, workshops and more!

Stream Spaceship

Stream Spaceship

A creative scenery for our livestream interviews that run through thematic space stations together with our guests: technology, gender and diversity experts.